Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Need A Change? Try A New Slipcover!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

When I first started buying things for our house, we were given a lot of hand me down furniture. We have two couches in our living room and they never matched. It wasn't too bad early on, but the last hand me down couch really clashed. I'd heard about the wonders of slipcovers and decided to give one a try. I ordered one and anxiously awaited its arrival. When it came, I opened it up and put it on. I was able to do it alone, and then I was wowed with the results. It looked good! I could tell it was a slipcover, but it was so much better than looking at couches that clashed! The more I looked at it the nicer it became. When I really fell in love was when one of the kids spilled something on the couch. At first I panicked, but as I saw the liquid pool, I was happy! I had treated my cover with a waterproofing spray and the liquid pooled! Another time, I noticed one of the kids had smeared chocolate on one of the arms. I was so grateful I was able to remove the slipcover and wash it! It went back on good as new! I no longer have those couches. I bought new ones and gave the old one and the slipcover away. The new owners were very happy to have the slipcover too! has a lot of great slipcovers. While they don't offer custom slipcovers, they focus on offering a huge variety of styles to fit furniture that their customers own. Non-customized slipcovers are less expensive but they also have a shorter lead-time for manufacturing and the variety of styles ensures a good fit.They have slipcovers for all kinds of furniture including, sofa covers, daybed covers, dining chair covers
and recliner covers and are less focused on futon covers. If you are in the mood to change up your decor or if you have messy kids, you should really check them out! You will be surprised how much a slipcover can change your whole room!

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