Friday, October 14, 2016

Vagabond Circus Caters To The Skeptics

When a stranger joins the cast of Vagabond Circus—a circus that is run by Dream Travelers and features real magic—mysterious events start happening. 


The once orderly grounds of the circus become riddled with hidden threats. And the ringmaster realizes not only are his circus and its magic at risk, but also his very life. 
Vagabond Circus caters to the skeptics. Without skeptics, it would close its doors.

This is because Vagabond Circus runs for two reasons and only two reasons: first and foremost to provide the lost and lonely Dream Travelers a place to be illustrious. And secondly, to show the nonbelievers that there’s still magic in the world. If they believe, then they care, and if they care, then they don’t destroy. They stop the small abuse that day-by-day breaks down humanity’s spirit. 

 If Vagabond Circus makes one skeptic believe in magic, then they halt the cycle, just a little bit. They allow a little more love into this world. That’s Dr. Dave Raydon’s mission. And that’s why this ringmaster recruits. That’s why he directs. That’s why he puts on a show that makes people question their beliefs. He wants the world to believe in magic once again.

Get it HERE and prepare to get lost in Sarah's magical world!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hyperearth Blog Tour

A castle within the city of Lubena holds a secret: a portal to the alternate world of Hyperearth. Mary

curious to the dangerous. They must save their newfound friends and defeat the evil Sathon. Will

will they remain in Hyperearth forever?

About the Book

Title: Hyperearth 
Author: Marco Marek 
Genre: Fantasy

A castle within the city of Lubena holds a secret: a portal to the alternate world of Hyperearth. Mary

curious to the dangerous. They must save their newfound friends and defeat the evil Sathon. Will

will they remain in Hyperearth forever?



Angels are with me

Author Bio:
Marco Marek was born in north Italy. He always had a fervid imagination and a passion for fantasy stories, medieval magicians, ancient history, and unexplained mysteries. While he was visiting a castle in Eastern Europe, he had the idea of writing Hyperearth. Apart from writing, Marco is also a painter and photographer, he likes digital artwork on Photoshop. The cover of Hyperearth is his creation. He loves traveling when he has some free time.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

4.5 Stars! A Thought Provoking Love Story

No Pit So Deep: The Cody Musket Story is a book about faith, love, ghosts of the past, and forgiveness. Inspired by real people and actual events, the fictional tale of Cody Musket is one readers won't be able to put down. Cody is a hero, both in war and in civilian life. He bears demons, horrors from his past, never understanding God's grace until he’s forced to confront the nightmares that torment him. A chance encounter starts him down the path of healing the emotional wounds that threaten to destroy his future. Packed with deep, likable characters, a well-developed plot, and a first-hand view of the terrors of war and the personal struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder, No Pit So Deep delivers a clean, thought provoking love story that won't be easily forgotten. There are some pacing issues, which rob it of a 5-star rating. However, I believe the characters and plot save this book. We look forward to the second book in the series and beg the question... why is this book not available in print?

Monday, September 19, 2016

Brooklyn Bean Roastery: Vanilla Skyline and Express-O

Brooklyn Bean Roastery 
Espresso Roast

This K-Cup delivered on taste!  When using 10 oz.'s of water to brew, it maintained the rich, dark depth you expect in an espresso coffee and a pleasant coffee aroma. The taste was mild without any bitter after taste. If your preference is for a stronger brew I would suggest that you use less water in the brewing process.  I would give this coffee a 5-star rating.

Brooklyn Bean Roastery
Vanilla Flavored

This Vanilla Flavored K-Cup does not require any additives such as creamer or sugar to enhance the flavor, it has the hint of vanilla which gives the coffee a smooth taste. It maintains a nice coloring through the brewing process and has the fragrance to entice the drinker to simply sip and enjoy. 

The packaging was great and all my cups were in perfect condition. I am very familiar with this brand. I have tried a few flavors during the last year. My sons love their hot cocoa. If you want a brand that delivers quality coffee that is roasted to perfection, give them a try. Find them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Order straight from Amazon!

About Brooklyn Bean Roastery

We’re three guys from Brooklyn who love coffee. We grew up with an appreciation for quality, originality, and local pride, and we base our company on those values. What we’re saying is… we demand the best of everything and don’t hesitate to tell you what’s what.
Brooklyn Beans Roastery is the first independently owned, single-serve coffee company using ‘Roast2Cup’ technology, a process that ensures the best cup of coffee every time you brew. Not your everyday cuppa Joe, see?

Unwavering Quality

Five separate, important quality-control checks are performed with every batch we make:
  1. Visual inspection – only the best coffee beans make the initial cut.
  2. Supervisor-monitored grinding – A little secret: if it’s too coarse, it won’t brew properly; if it’s too fine, the coffee gets bitter.
  3. Portion quality control – precisely the right amount is packed to ensure the best brew every time.
  4. Filled and sealed pods are individually hand-checked for perfection.
  5. Brewed coffee samples are consistently taken for aroma and taste testing checks (we admit, this is our favorite part of the job!)
At Brooklyn Beans Roastery, we’re not happy unless your last cup of coffee is as good as the first one of the day.

Disclosure: I received samples in order to facilitate my review. Only honest opinions are given. A positive review was not required from the company.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Friday, September 2, 2016

Number 1 In Hot New Releases!

Social media guru, Julie A. Gerber and award-winning author of forty-three best-selling, independently published books, Carole P. Roman, team up to travel the winding road of self-publishing, promoting, and marketing a book. Join these two self-help experts as they share their vast store of experience in an easy to read, comprehensive guide, complete with end of chapter checklists to keep an author on track.

Learn the importance of a beta reader and the value of a good editor. Know what's needed when preparing a list for choosing an illustrator. Compare the many ways to promote your book. Find out what each step can cost and where you can save. This guide takes new independent authors from the first draft, through publication and the complicated world of marketing. Included is a directory of resources to help get there faster.

Navigating Indieworld will end up being the ultimate travel guide for writers on their journey to published author. 

Join us on Facebook at

A funny thing happened on the way to my retirement. I found myself entering a whole new career in my late fifties, joining a community of people in which there was no return. I entered Indieworld.
A different breed of people live there, yet we all have the same agenda. It’s an amazing place - we don’t see our differences. We are color, age, and gender blind. We only want to tell our story and have it be appreciated. Oh yes, and make a small fortune in the process.
Indieworld is a vast entity filled with a universe of people driven to do the same thing. They are seeking what I refer to as the three “Fs”: fame, fortune, and fulfillment without getting screwed. I bet you thought I was going to use another word.
It’s been four years since I fell through the rabbit hole of independent publishing, and I feel the motivation to give back to my people. This is for the endless population of folks who are loitering on social media, crammed on Goodreads, and filling up blogs, who are lost and don’t know how to get on the track to succeed.
If any chapter of this book makes it easier for one of our brethren and they make it to Fifty Shades of Gray status, then we feel we have done our job. A best-seller for one of us is a victory for all of Indiekind.
This is making me feel like an independent author superhero, and every one of those has a valiant sidekick. A brave individual ready to take on the dark forces of bad reviews, expensive publicity, and the black hole of a four-digit high-rating number on Amazon.
The partner in my quest for the three “Fs” is Julie Gerber, the head guru at Away We Go Media. She is the wonder woman of social media, the empress of Twitter, the princess of Pinterest, and a maverick riding the ups and downs of Facebook. She has become a vital part of our process and a member of our family. I could not have done it without her.
We will approach the subject to educate, prepare, and enable any person to write, publish, and ultimately sell their books to the general public. This is our story.
Carole P. Roman
Long Island, New York
Chapter 1
Genesis ~ Carole
Let’s start with Genesis, the beginning, the tiny seed of an idea that roots itself in your brain crying out to be nurtured.
It ignites with a spark, the light that illuminates the recesses of your mind, making the wheels start to whirl feverously.
The thoughts refuse to be extinguished. They needle, interrupting your daily chores, making you stare off into space and think. You shelve it; you have too much to do, but it percolates, the “what ifs” bubbling up until they erupt in a cataclysmic explosion that finally forces you to take your computer in hand and gaze at the white screen that turns your face red with the heat of embarrassment. Can you do this?
Writing a book is subjective. It’s a highly personal experience. You are taking your deepest thoughts, your fears, perceptions and laying them out like a smorgasbord for the world to read, peruse, and finally, judge you based on their personal point of view. Sometimes they are brutal, flaying the words from your book like a marauder. Other times, you will strike a communal cord, touching their heart and soul in the most intimate way. Either way, it is one of the most rewarding experiences in the world.
Your subject or story means everything to you. You can plot and plan, but somehow they take on a life of their own. Don’t obsess about what you are writing. You may find that like the childhood game of telephone, your book has morphed somehow and is a completely different story from where you began. In the end, it won’t matter; keep the momentum going, and let it develop organically. Once your characters take the lead, it becomes their story and not yours. Push to the finish line. As soon as you complete it, you’ll find out that is when the hard work really starts. Jump into the world of indie writers.
You will find plenty of experts to help you take your project from idea to a finished work of art. Amazon and the internet are filled with books to help you through the nuts and bolts of writing a book.
I got started writing when most people are thinking about jettisoning work and lightening their load. My sons dared me to take on the challenge. After all, I had talked about it my entire life. It was a long time dream, put on the back burner, the demands of family and business eclipsing my passion.
I didn’t know where to begin. My son urged me to sit and start writing. You don’t need special tools or carved out time. It could be while you’re waiting for the kids at practice, when you are on the train, or in my case, at my desk, in the office, before everyone arrived to begin the workday.
Experts say, write about what you know. I don’t agree with that. Write about what you want to know. Write about what you love or hate. What about what you want. If we all wrote about what we know, do you think there would be so many choices on Amazon in science fiction or fantasy?
All that matters is you enjoy it and finish it. You could be the one to make a fortune and become the next literary breakout. Maybe you won’t. Either way, you are leaving a permanent marker that you were here. You are sending out a piece of yourself to our vast universe to mingle with other notions. Perhaps you are going to change the world. Uh oh, did I make you feel self-conscious?
Don’t be intimidated by the thoughts rushing through your head! Once you start, your imagination will take on a life of its own.
You can’t do it, you tell yourself. You feel stupid. It’s silly, a childish daydream, you are thinking, but still your fingers type. You are so lost in research; nobody can have a coherent conversation with you. You’re discovering things you’ve never known before.
Your spouse is annoyed; the kids are hungry; the boss is mad; you missed a deadline for work. It doesn’t matter. All that counts are the words flowing from your speeding fingers, your shoulders shaking with mirth at your humor. It will start to take shape; the paragraphs will add up, and a story will emerge. Enjoy the sting behind your eyes at the sad turn of events for Brad, Thad, Emily, or Justin. The thrill of a chase or the crazy quilt of twists you are creating.
Check the word count. Fifteen hundred words. Is that dawn peeking under the shades? Sixty-five hundred by the following weekend. You hit twenty thousand yesterday. Did you share your creation with anyone? Did you tell your bus driver you are writing a book?
You do sleep; you still eat; you continue to perform your day job. Mindless activities like laundry are a welcome relief as you plot and plan, playing out scenarios in your mind. You function in a Twilight Zone of want. You want to complete the next chapter; you want to tie the threads together; you want to - finish? The computer waits on the table, mocking you, daring you to continue.
Reread or not to reread - you can. Don’t let it stop you. Don’t overthink it, yet they’ll be others who will do that for you. Today you’re like a dynamo. Just finish the darn thing!
The story is taking shape; your characters have a personality - you love them; no, maybe you hate them. They are as real to you as the faces you are cleaning up after dinner and the soft cheeks you kiss goodnight. You return to your computer with ice-cream or popcorn, whatever your comfort food of choice and continue.
So it begins, your opus, your work of art. The shaping and molding of words to echo your thoughts, your deepest, love/fear, hate/joy - it doesn’t matter. It’s yours, and it’s here. You read it multiple times, but you need to have another opinion. It could be your spouse, lover, or friend, but the time has come to share your creation with someone who promises to be honest. It’s time to launch this baby into orbit.
To Do List:
1 - Write your book.