Saturday, April 22, 2017

DIY Backyard Ideas: Spring 2017

With spring right around the corner, one of the best ways to gear up for the season is by sprucing up your backyard. Spring is recognizable by the colors, the flowers, and the endless DIY opportunities and today we’ll be going through a few of our favorites for the 2017 spring season. It’s a great time to open up your doors and get outside.


Gardens are a classic staple for the warmer seasons, and with the blooms expected in spring 2017, gardening is a perfect tool for revamping the outdoor areas of your home. Whether you’re planting a raised vegetable garden, creating a colorful door wreath out of homegrown flowers, or adding colorful marbles into the fencing around your garden – these projects are a perfect starting place for your spring creativity. Our favorite garden project for spring 2017? Decorating an outdoor fence with colorful marbles – here’s how!

·         Marbled Fences
Begin by finding your favorite marbles at your local craft stores. We recommend using newer marbles that are somewhat transparent. Next, determine the bit size you’ll need to bore a hole in whatever fencing you’re decorating. You’ll want the drill hole to be slightly smaller than the marble so it’s snug and less likely to fall out (we recommend practicing on scrap pieces of wood until you get everything just right). Next, go to town! When the sun hits your newly set marbles, it will create beautiful colorful lighting throughout your yard or garden!


As the nights get warmer and the sun stays out longer, there is nothing better than decorating your outdoor patio areas to make get-togethers even more enjoyable! A few of the trends for spring 2017 are Mason Jar lights, rope swings for the kids, and DIY outdoor chalkboards! The best and easiest outdoor décor idea that we’ve found this year? Rope swings – here’s how!

·         Rope Swing
Head over to your local hardware store and stock up on about 20 feet of “natural” rope (it won’t stretch like nylon will), a carabiner, and a packaged piece of round pine. Drill a hole through the center of the pine and weave your rope through. Knot the rope (we recommend a tree-climbing knot) through the seat and at the top. Wrap the rope over a sturdy branch, clip the carabiner to the hanging rope, and swing away!

Flowers are the biggest sign that spring is around the corner – and we recommend utilizing these blooming beauties as much as possible! There are endless amounts of creative DIY projects for this – however for Spring 2017, we’ve narrowed down our favorites to converted colander planters, dried flower candles, and zinnia pine cones! Our favorite? Zinnia Pine Cones – here’s how!

·         Zinnia Pine Cones
Pine cones are abundant this spring, and there are plenty of fun projects to use them for. If you’ve ever flipped a pine cone upside down, it resembles a beautiful Zinnia flower. Collect up some pine cones from your backyard, flip them upside down, and paint them with your favorite acrylic paints. Display them in a centerpiece or hang them with some outdoor lights, and your back yard will be beautifully decorated this Spring!

Spring 2017 is bound to be a great season! Utilizing some of these ideas will help you revamp, redo, and fall in love with your backyard area all over again. Start off the warmer seasons in style!

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