Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Genetipetz: A Fun And Unique New Toy!

 I have a lot of fun every year because I get to shop for school clothes, art supplies, and books. Lots of them! I homeschool my kids and it's important for me to keep things entertaining and fun. I disliked so many classes because the teachers could not make them interesting. They would stand at the front of the class and read without emotion and then give us a lot of "busywork" to pass the time. I didn't love History or Literature until college. When I decided to homeschool, I knew it wouldn't be easy. After the first year or two, I finally got the hang of it and then I faced a new challenge. I couldn't teach Biology or DNA with elbow macaroni or wooden sticks. I had to find visual aids and new "props" for teaching certain subjects if I wanted to keep things fun. It has been a challenge each year! In a few months, we will start reading about reading about genetics. I was still working hard, trying to find the perfect aid for our "class" when I opened a recent email and found what I was looking for!

 Genetipetz is a new brand of unique stuffed animal toys for children. What makes Genetipetz so unique is that they combine the best parts of different animals to create a whole new Genetipetz animal. If you take the body of an elephant, the stripes of a zebra and the wings of a lady bug, you get a brand new animal called a Zebugraphant! How cool is that?!
This new line of toys was created by Chris Meade, former CEO of NPower, and his two young boys, Jackson, 10 and Cavan, 8. Meade’s goal is to teach his sons how to start a business from the bottom up with an entrepreneurial state of mind. Jackson and Cavan have put a lot of hard work into this family project and really want to show other kids the creative side of science along with the strength and power of diversity.
 These cool toys are not available yet. You can help change that! Genetipetz has a Kickstarter Campaign and you can back their project and get products in return for your support! Some are limited and depending on your pledge, you may be able to create your very own animal design! That would be fun! Mooraffe is my favorite, but I think I'd like to see an Elepharoarapotamus! That's an elephant, lion, and hippo! This is a toy that can help children understand genes. I love visual aids, and being able to show my kids examples of what we are discussing in school helps them learn. I also think this would be a great toy to help children accept and understand their own differences. The campaign ends November 28 at 7:00pm EST. I hope you will check them out!

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