Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fair Trade: The Gifts That Give So Much More!

When I think of fair trade, I think of chocolate and coffee. I can pick those products up just about anywhere. When it comes to gifts, that can be a little tough. I can't remember the last time my children asked for a fair trade toy. When they were babies, I did purchase a few. They were really hard to find and it was so easy to give up and buy something else. Each year, it seems to get a little easier though. This year, I've bought a few fair trade gifts for loved ones. I love being a part of something greater and helping others. Buying Fair Trade gives others a chance to better their lives. The artisans you support can rise above poverty and they can be appreciated for their skills.

When you buy fair trade gifts, most websites list the country of origin for each product and they provide the information for the artisan or producer. Sometimes, this information is also included on a nice card and sent with the gift. I enjoy finding new and unique fair trade products and learning about other cultures and their crafts. I have always been impressed with the quality of the gifts I've ordered and the obvious pride the artisans take in their work. My items were shipped from the country of origin and they were packed beautifully. You may not realize that many fair trade items are affordable, and many cost the same or less than products sold in department stores. Even if you factor in the shipping costs, you can still spend less. I hope you'll consider giving fair trade gifts this year! With each purchase, you are changing the lives of others and giving loved ones a gift that will be remembered.

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