Monday, November 5, 2012

Getting The Right Gear!

My husband would love to be more active. He recently bought a new bike frame so I think he's getting more serious about his health. For Christmas, I'm getting him a bike stand and a few tools. He's spent weeks trying to find to perfect bike stand and tool set and I expect him to start filling my email inbox with links to make sure I get the right products. I'm thankful because I'd be completely lost if I had to buy those items without guidance!

Knowing my husband, this is just the beginning. When he gets involved in something, he really gets involved. It's only a matter of time before I'm buying all the sports accessories he'll need. You know, the sunglasses, the clothes, and the shoes.  That wouldn't be so bad, but now he's talking about getting back into running too! I didn't know it before I married him, but I've learned (from him, of course) that you need different shoes for different sports. Apparently, the shoes you wear for running are different from the shoes you wear for other sports. My running shoes were great for walking, stomping through the woods, and riding a bike. I could even wear them with my hospital scrubs. I thought my husband had pulled the wool over my eyes until I did a little research on athletic shoes. Turns out, he was right. Maybe he does need all that gear. I'd never really admit to it though. I'm sure I'll give in and he'll get exactly what he wants, but it's going to cost him. While I was looking at all the great things for him, I "accidentally" found something for myself. It looks like I may need new shoes too!

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