Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sexy and Adult Costumes From

 Every year, I look for popular Halloween costumes. I buy costumes for my kids and I usually buy a costume for myself. If my husband doesn't work on Halloween, I buy a costume for him. This year, I browsed Pure Costumes and found a lot of great costumes! I found sexy adult Halloween costumes and maybe by next year, I can buy one for our next party. Last year I was a witch, and I think I'd like to be one again. The Spell Caster Witch Adult Costume is sexy, but quite modest compared to some! I think it would be a fun costume to wear! Last year, I asked my husband dress up like Popeye. He reluctantly agreed and the kids had a lot of fun seeing their dad that way! This year, I'd order my husband a Classic Valiant Knight Adult Costume! I think it's a great costume! It looks like it would be comfortable enough for a night out or an evening in with the family!
I found many other adult Halloween costumes that tempted me this year. I loved their Esmerada Adult Costume and their Angel of Innocence Adult Costume!
They have great prices and $4.99 flat rate shipping. They even offer free shipping on purchases over $50! Be sure to use coupon/promo code FREE50! Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more exciting news and deals! If you purchase a costume from their Facebook Store, you'll save an additional 5%! If you are looking for something new, check out their Halloween costumes 2012 ideas for the latest and greatest!

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