Sunday, October 7, 2012

Outdoor Clothing For Kids!

I've been doing a lot of shopping lately. The seasons have changed and while we are still a few weeks away from cooler days, I am trying to prepare! I have found a few things on various sites, but I still need to buy jackets for the kids and a few other things. Like many moms, I'm always frustrated by the lack of quality waterproof clothing available. When I found a Glacier Ski Jacket I really wanted it! Blue is my favorite color, and this jacket has lots of features! The jacket is breathable and genuinely waterproof (not just water resistant) which is vital to stop rain and melting snow getting inside. It’ is adjustable at the cuffs, neck and hem which will stop chills blowing in! I can only think of one bad thing about it. It doesn't come in my size!!!

This year, we are planning to visit my mother-in-law in New York. Since my husband is a snowboarder, you can bet our kids are going to get a taste of that this year! I need proper attire to keep them comfortable and warm. I found Waterproof Snowboots that look like they'll keep their feet nice and warm! Living in an area that doesn't get much snow, it's hard to know how to dress for colder climates. Thank goodness my husband can help me out!

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