Friday, July 20, 2012

We Take The Cake!

 I'm a fan of chocolate, but every now and then I cheat. One of the few things that can trigger my cheating is rum cake. I've a had few, but recently I had the best! We Take The Cake sent me a decadent Caribbean Rum Cake and it was divine. Rich and moist, I could squeeze it and watch the rum flow. Ohhh, it was so good!
 It arrived in a pretty package and I tore into it immediately. Somehow, as soon as I opened the box, the scent of rum tickled my nose and made my hurry! I couldn't wait for that first bite. I grabbed my camera to take a few shots. This cake wouldn't last long enough for retakes!
 I unwrapped my cake and smeared it with yummy frosting. I didn't take the time to make it pretty and smooth. It wouldn't last long enough to be appreciated! This cake was made to eat! I cut a slice and snapped another picture. My fork was ready. My experience with this rum cake can only be described as love at first bite. The soaked nuts on top were so delicious! The cream cheese frosting was the perfect compliment for this perfect cake! It was so moist, more than any other cake I've tried (in my entire life) and while I was eating it, I swear I heard the naughty Herbal Essence commercial in the background before I realized the sound was coming from me! It's amazing what a bite will make you do! I managed to break away and save some cake for my husband. He's lucky I love him so much! I bet there's a lot of people that wouldn't share!
Visit We Take The Cake and order yours today! Better make that two. You may want your own! Perfect for birthdays, anniversarys, or any day! They have flavors that will tempt anyone with a pulse! Check them out!
Disclosure: I was sent a cake for review. Opinions are mine and not influenced in any way.

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