Sunday, July 22, 2012

Book Review: The Race to First

As a stay-at-home mother of two, Juli-Ann Ruben has experienced many of the trials and tribulations of parenting. In order to help other parents and young readers deal with the constant need of being first and a child’s first pair of glasses, she shares her daughter’s story in “The Race to First” (ISBN 1470127512).

Rachel always needed to be first. Whether it was being the head of the line at school or getting the first ice cream, the young girl needed to be the leader. But when Rachel and her family find out she needs glasses to help her see, this is not a first that she wants anything to do with. The young girl is devastated that she will be the first to wear glasses and is afraid that others will make fun of her new specs. In the end, the young girl realizes that having glasses isn’t that bad. Rachel enjoys picking out her new glasses, which also get her a lot of attention from her family and friends at school.

“‘The Race to First’ started out as a vanity project, but the feedback I received along the way showed me how helpful it was for a child going through the process of getting glasses for the first time,” Ruben says. “While walking young readers through the entire process, they learn an important life lesson about being first.”

Recognizing that parenting is very much a team sport, Ruben hopes that “The Race to First” and her daughter’s personal struggle to accept wearing glasses help parents and children facing the same obstacle for the first time.

"The Race to First"  is a wonderful story that can help your children overcome their fears of visiting an eye doctor or wearing eyeglasses. It's beautifully written (with colorful illustrations) and it even has a few pointers to help children with these new experiences. Children will learn that seeing clearly is a gift, even if it means being different. Rachel's experience would give any child's confidence a boost and help them understand that other children will have similar experiences in life. With love and support from friends and family, Rachel learned to embrace these changes and see things in a different light! I highly recommend this book!

“The Race to First” is available for sale online at and other channels. You can also get the e-version!

About the Author:
Juli-Ann Ruben was inspired to share her daughter’s story in order to help others going through similar circumstances. As a stay-at-home mother of two, she knows that parenting is definitely a team sport. The first time author, her husband, son and daughter live in Las Vegas.

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