Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's Wicked Good!

Just when I think it can't get any better, it does. And that goes for my birthday reviews. Every year, I am lucky enough to work with great companies to share my picks for party treats and supplies thoughout the year. This year, I had a very special dessert that's so versatile, you'll be ordering it for parties, showers, favors, and your kid's lunchbox. It's a wonderful treat from Wicked Good Cupcakes and they're called Wicked Good To Go! They even come with a spoon, so you can sneak one on the way home from the post office or the mailbox. I'm just saying...
 We received an assortment of flavors for our birthday bash and we were able to check out their delightful toppers! They sent several examples and  while the flowers were my favorite, I just adored the cute little pigs! These cupcakes in a jar are child and adult friendly. They're great for serving at the party or using as take home favors. Our guests did both, and they were so good, I had call backs thanking me for the Wicked Good Cupcakes!!!
 The cupcakes in a jar come in two sizes. Mine had three layers of cake with yummy frosting or fillings in between. My mom loved the freshness of their Cuckoo For Coconut and I loved the National (Security) Velvet. My kids had the Reverse Vanilla and Chocolate Birthday and they couldn't get enough! My husband had the Peanut Butter Surprise. It was the only one that I happened to taste that I didn't love. It was good, but the frosting was too sweet for my palate. Friends raved about Natalie's 24 Karat Kake and unfortunately, I can't tell you exactly what was said because the description wasn't really child friendly. I can tell you it was one of the greatest compliments I heard, despite the language.
The cakes were very moist and light. With so much frosting, you'd think it would be too much and a bit overboard. Not so. This perfect mix of frosting and cake drove me mad with each and every bite. Mad because I could see the end was coming and the jars were going fast. It was torture to them home with guests when I could have stashed them away and kept them to myself. The mother and daughter team behind Wicked Good Cupcakes hit the nail on the head with their name. They really are...Wicked Good!
Disclosure: I was sent Wicked Good To Go Cupcakes In A Jar for a special birthday celebration. Honest opinions given.

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