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Fun Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Fun Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Summer marks a time when school lets out and when kids can relax for vacation. It can also mark the birthday for your son or daughter, which means you have to generate some ideas for how to celebrate it. You could go the traditional route: pizza, birthday cake and a few friends. Or, you can skip the cliché birthday route and try something new and original.

Make your son or daughter’s birthday special and celebrate it like you never have before. Throw a sports-themed party. Host a spa day party or take a trip. Hospitality managers for large hotels manage to find a great deal of success because of their excessive planning and organizing. Like a manager, it’s your job to take charge and plan for success.

Miniaturized Party

Ever seen those old Godzilla movies where the monster crushes everything in sight? Well without the miniaturized city and close up on the monster, none of the special effects would have been possible. Why not take the same effects from a Japanese classic and turn it into a party theme?

Buy a miniaturized cake (or cakes), small cups, plates and host a mini party. Forget visiting the traditional party store, and look online for miniaturized cups, plates and party settings. For food, you can serve mini corn dogs, pigs in a blanket, mini pizza bagels and sliders. Kids will laugh and aw at the mini theme while adults will enjoy the cute, little party favors you come up with.

Medieval Party

Hear ye, Hear ye, the royal party will skip the traditional prince or princess theme. Instead, a medieval party will let you dress up or create a costume for your little one. Boys and girls can dress up as knights or princesses, while boys can strut around in gallant, cardboard armor suits. Simply cut up some construction paper for the armor, swords, crowns and horses to suit up your young knight. While young princesses can put on their tiny high heels; strap on their princess dresses; and tout their jewelry.

A medieval party opens the door to several decorating options, such as goblets for cups, red juice for wine and fruit centerpieces inside gold-platted bowls for table settings. As for food, you can serve medieval staples: chicken, beef or pork or go the traditional route and cook up some burgers and dogs.

Spa Day

For older girls, there’s no denying they enjoy painting their nails, wearing jewelry and playing dress up. Instead of letting them do this on a normal, everyday basis, you could make it into the theme for a birthday party. You can plan out a day for your girls, including pedicures from 3-4, massage chairs from 4-5, followed by dress up time 5-5:30 and finally an evening dinner.

You don’t need to earn a design degree to organize a spa day for your girls; just let your creativity run wild and see what ideas you can conjure up. You might consider giving facials. Basking out in the sun for a few minutes, or jumping in the Jacuzzi after dark.


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