Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Swirly Buns

 I hate cinnamon rolls. Maybe that's because I'm not a fan of cinnamon. There isn't a lot of alternatives either, unless you resort to Twinkies. I'm not really into those either. So for years, I've watched my family enjoy an occasional pastry for breakfast or as a snack and I've done without. I just couldn't bring myself to eat one. When I stumbled across Swirly Buns in my search for new treats to serve at our birthday bash, I couldn't believe the selection of flavors. They had me at Nutella, and with or without them sending a few for review, I was going to try these. I was in luck when they offered to send my guests an assortment to try. Being a curious hostess (and being among friends and family) I was able to try most of the flavors. I did skip the Cinnamon & Brown Sugar, but my mom didn't. She grabbed it before anyone else could and she savored each and every bite.
 Swirly Buns are large enough to satisfy my family for breakfast or as a treat with a hot cup of coffee. I placed one on a dessert plate (above) after heating it for about 15 seconds. Mmmm! It smelled amazing! I tried the Chocolate Marshmallow (and the Nutella!) and I was so happy with my choice! These buns are made without preservatives and they taste like they just came from the oven. The dough is sweet, but not overly so. The buns are gorgeous too, and the filling is swirled around inside, more concentrated near the center. To me, the Chocolate Marshmallow was the perfect blend of two wonderful ingredients. The marshmallow was a little on the light side so it wasn't overly gooey. It made me wish that I could buy them locally in stores because I'd love to be able to buy a box to satisfy a craving. I guess I'll have to order online and fill my freezer so I won't have to wait on shipping!
 The Nutella was my favorite, and my husband loved the Roasted Garlic. During our party, I set these up next to the coffee and I had to refill the plate three times during the afternoon. It was the perfect pairing! They were the most popular sweet treat of the day. These pastries are handmade and freshly baked with all-natural ingredients. Unfortunately, Swirly Buns don't come with warning labels. They really should because you'll probably never be satisfied with boxed pastries again! How could you?
Disclosure: I was sent an assortment to share with our guests. Honest opinions given. No monetary compensation received.

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