Tuesday, February 28, 2012

La Bella Baskets

 I don't often review gift baskets. I can count on one hand the baskets I've received that arrived in perfect condition and were packed with value. If a basket doesn't make the cut, I wouldn't want to receive it, much less send it to someone else. I love putting together baskets myself, but I don't have a lot of time and I find it really time consuming to shop in different stores and then go home and assemble the basket. And I'd never ship one. I know it wouldn't survive!
 Recently I received a basket that made the cut! La Bella Baskets sent me an extraordinary basket filled with delicious treats. Before I opened the box, I gave it a few extra shakes and tossed it a few times. Am I crazy? No. I know shipping companies aren't known for being gentle with packages. Just in case they were this time, it doesn't mean they will be with your package. So I wanted to see what anyone can expect to see if they receive a gift basket. When I opened it, I noticed how well it was packed. It didn't move much at all.
 It was covered with a wrap that allowed me to still use the basket handle. I removed the wrap and tried to disassemble it. It wasn't hard, but it wasn't easy either. I was impressed. The basket can stay beautiful as you remove the items. It doesn't have to be emptied at once.
 I removed everything so I could take a picture. I received a medium Chocolate Gourmet basket. It had a few substitutions, but it was completely happy with the choices. If you add up the total in the basket, packaging (bow, tissue paper) supplies, and the treats, the value it great. Plus, I didn't have to spend money on gas to track everything down and I didn't have to assemble it!
The chocolate Covered Almonds were great and the popcorn made a delicious snack. My favorite treats were the Kettle Fresh Chocolate Fudge and the Chocolat Classique Truffles. The fudge was buttery and rich and it melted in my mouth. The wonderful chocolate was creamy and smooth. I've tried other fudge that has shipped with baskets and the fudge is always dry and chalky. This was so great I wanted more! The truffles were rich and I would say I love them as much as my favorite French, cocoa dusted truffles. I really didn't expect that! If you are looking for a great gift (they have awesome St. Patrick's Day gifts!), check out La Bella Baskets to make your purchase. You (and the receiver) will be happy you did!
Disclosure: I received a basket in order to complete this review. No monetary compensation received.

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