Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide: My Holiday Ham Pick- Edwards Ham

We celebrate with ham all the time. It's not just a Christmas or Easter tradition. I am always in search of the perfect ham to make our meals more memorable for family and friends. Recently, I received a cooked, bone-in Virginia Ham for review. It arrived ready to eat, perfectly sealed and packed with care. This ham isn't our traditional smoked, spiral cut ham. It's a country ham. I grew up on country ham and until now, I believed they were mostly the same. Salty. My ham from Virginia Traditions was salty, but it had a rich depth of flavor that I haven't experienced before and a glaze that added just a hint of sweetness that led to the ultimate country ham experience!

This Virginia Ham is:

•Fully cooked ham



•Aged 4-6 months

•Sharp, aged flavor

•Brown sugar glaze

•Two sizes available

•Optional wood box
I prefer mine heated, so before tasting, I heated it through in my favorite roaster. I added a little liquid and covered it to keep it from drying out. When I removed the ham and began slicing, I noticed how moist this ham was compared to other country hams that I've tried. Tasting it was pure pleasure! It had a sharp flavor, as described, and the saltiness didn't cover the true flavor. A slice or two is perfect for dinner and but I LOVE this on biscuits (for breakfast) or hot buttered rolls (for lunch) because the bread cuts down on the salty flavor! After most of the meat has been enjoyed, the leftovers and the bone create the ultimate pot of peas or beans! This is the first product that I've tried from Edwards Ham. I can already tell you it won't be my last. I will definitely order one next year! They also offer Honey Hams that look divine!!! So if you prefer a traditional holiday ham, you're in luck!
Disclosure: I was sent a ham in order to complete this review. No monetary compensation received.

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