Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Recently, I read Quicksilver, by Joy Spraycar. From the beginning, the author pulls you into a world of intrigue and mystery. At some times it's predictable, but never dull. The main characters, Serry and Quinton are connected though time and it's easy to feel a strong emotional attachment to them because the author makes them so real. Beginning with the first page, you dive headfirst into the world of werewolves.

Book Overview:

A recurring nightmare holds Serry Miller in its grip and has for most of her life. In spite of her fear of the man who becomes a monster, she’s in love with him. Not only does she have nightmares while she sleeps, she’s living in one with an abusive, alcoholic husband. When, Serry’s drunken husband hit’s Quinton Worthington’s car, she sees the face of the man from her nightmares on a stretcher entering the hospital. When he looks at her and calls her by her name, she is plummeted into a life that she has only dreamed about. Quinton Worthington has suffered for over a hundred years. That’s when his evil father ripped Serenity, the love of Quinton’s life, from him. At the same time, he changed Quinton into a monster. When Quinton sees Serry’s face in the hospital, he believes that Serenity has come back, and he will do anything to be with her. There’s only one thing that stands in their way of having the life they want: Quinton’s father.
It's not your typical werewolf story which is quite refreshing, especially with so many werewolf movies out that all seem to run along the same path. This story has a twist that seamlessly marries the old and new, and leaves the reader wanting more. This book was quite an adventure and while I loved it, I would have like it more if it were broken down into two books with the first story ending with the death of the black wolf. Joy Spraycar, in my opinion, had the perfect trilogy. I am still hoping she follows up with another story to pick up where Quicksilver left off. She left herself the perfect opening! Quicksilver shows us that good still wins out over evil, even when good has a dark side of it's own. Available at Author House!
Disclosure: I received a copy of Quicksilver in order to complete this review.

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Joy Spraycar said...

Julie, I'm interested in how you got a hold of Quicksilver. That was a wonderful review. As the author I'd like to thank you for reading and hope you enjoy my future books.