Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide: All-Clad!

All-Clad will definitely be part of our holidays! Last year, I received an All-Clad roasting pan and I have used it many times. It's a breeze to clean. I swear I never have to scrub it. Just a soft sponge and a little soap and water does the trick for the biggest messes! It beats my old roasting pans that were nearly impossible to clean. I've tossed a few after failed attempts, but I'm happy to say, those days are over. When I was given the opportunity to try All-Clad's newest, a Stainless Steel Food Mill, I was excited! Just think of all the sauces, jelly, and other great things I could make!!! All-Clad worked with professional chefs to develop this super-efficient food mill with the largest capacity on the market. It purées and strains ingredients at the same time, producing a perfectly smooth, uniform texture and it's ideal for processing everything from cooked fruits and vegetables to homemade soups. The Food Mill is designed to fit over a pot, pan or work bowl, and the mill has 3 expandable legs that span up to 13" wide! Setting it up is easy. To use it, just turn the crank, which causes a rotating blade to push food through a perforated disk, leaving unwanted fibers, seeds and skins behind. It features an ergonomic ball on the handle spins as you turn it, ensuring a comfortable grip. A removable wiper blade on the underside of the mill optimizes efficiency, continually scraping food into your bowl. Three interchangeable straining disks adjust consistency from coarse to superfine! Clean up is easy! Just rinse and let your dishwasher do the dirty work! I haven't tried using a lot of different foods yet, but I did make a sauce with walnuts to pour over ice cream. The food mill removed the walnut skins with ease, creating a smooth and creamy walnut drizzle! I can't wait to use it on our muscadines (southern grapes!) next year! We will be up to our elbows in jelly, thanks to All-Clad!!!
Dislosure: I was given a Food Mill in order to complete this review. No monetary compensation received.

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