Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Steaming In Style!

Do you steam a lot of food? If so, put your ordinary steamers away and try steaming with this cool product! Fusionbrands foodpod. It's very unique. Empty, it's a toy or stress reliever. Squeeze it, twist it, and throw it. But when it's time to get serious, take it into the kitchen and stuff it! Filling the pod is easy. Lift the lid and insert eggs, large shaped pastas, veggies, seafood, and more! Just be careful. Smaller veggies, like peas, will slip through the holes. When you are finished adding to the pod, secure the lid and hang it on the side of a pot of boiling water. The flexible silicone holds your food and and your food is cooked evenly. The pod doubles as a built in strainer too! Sometimes removing hot food from the pod isn't as easy as it looks. You may need to grab a pair of tongs and firmly grasp larger veggies like broccoli to pull it out. The foodpod cleans up easily and it stores just about anywhere! I love the foodpod. I hate that a foodpod with smaller holes isn't available. It would be wonderful to have one to cook rice (which I always burn if I don't use my rice cooker) and spaghetti. Want to know more? The foodpod:
•Saves time and water when preparing a meal.
•Foods are immersed and removed at the same time to ensure even cooking
•Keeps foods together for quick and easy removal
•Acts as a strainer and drains water back into the pot – lets you reserve the cooking water too!
•Easily holds up to a dozen large eggs or several heads of broccoli (1-3/4 quart or 1-2/3 liter capacity)
•Built-in grip clip allows for convenient removal from water and aids in boil over control
•Non-stick silicone protects delicate foods and pot surfaces
•Flexible to fit in any size pot for cooking and storing
•Made of FDA/EU food-safe silicone and BPA-free nylon
•Top rack dishwasher safe
The foodpod is fun and easy to use! Check out fusionbrands! They have a lot of great products designed to make your life easier! With products ideal for wedding gifts or just gifts to self, you can't go wrong with these fabulous picks! Follow them on facebook and visit their site for more information!
Disclosure: I was sent a foodpod in exchange for this review. No monetary compensation received and honest opinions given.

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