Wednesday, December 2, 2009

20% Off Giftcards? Sweet Sales At Coco Bonbons!

I love to shop for clothes. Not for myself, but for my kids. While I am often frustrated because of:
a. lack of cute clothes for little boys, or
b. inappropriate (in my opinion) children's clothes that mimic "adult styles"
I know I can always find something at Coco Bonbons. Playful designs that capture the essence of childhood. All that's sweet and innocent. Pretty pinks and cupcakes for girls, and robots and spaceships for boys. The designs are comfortable. Perfect for play or those often brief periods of rest! The only restrictions will come from adults, not the clothes!
These clothes are unique. The designer plays with different fabric patterns and textures and the results are nothing short of extraordinary. Everything seems to work together so well. You can tell that a lot of thought is put into each design. Separates coordinate beautifully with other pieces, and you can find coats, mittens, and hats to match! Let's not forget the umbrellas!
Right now, Coco Bonbons is having an incredible sale! There are coats for $20, pants for $10, and sets (outfits) for only $18! Also, giftcards are 20% off! Do I need to mention that giftcards are great stocking stuffers? They are also great for the children on your list, especially nieces and nephews that always seem bigger than you remembered. You can also take advantage of free shipping using coupon/promotional code FREESHIP before December 9, 2009! Better hurry!
To Disclose: I was under no obligation to post this sale. I have a previous relationship with this company and I can attest to the quality of these products! I wanted to pass these savings on to you! No product or monetary compensation received for this mention!


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