Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday Dinner/Dessert Idea: This One Takes The Cake!

Everyone could use a little help during the holidays. Especially when it comes to food preparation. When I requested a 6" Prize-Winning Chocolate Layer Cake from We Take The Cake, I wasn't sure what to expect. Today it arrived and as I unwrapped this decadent dessert, I noticed that it was packed very well! My cake was in perfect condition and the presentation was stunning. Beautifully boxed, it would make the perfect hostess gift, if you could stand parting with it! This rich dessert would be a sweet ending to any holiday feast! I knew this cake was only 6", and after it was unwrapped, greed overcame me. How could I share? I seriously struggled with this. After realizing that I was having selfish thoughts, I decided to share. Disappointment quickly set in, only because I thought it would be gone later today after we all had a taste. My disappointment grew to anger after the first bite! So good... I will be dreaming about this tonight! How could they make the cake so small!!! Still there was time to hide it, but I could not give in to the temptation after my little boy caught a glimpse of this cake. With pleading eyes, I knew I had to cut an extra slice. If not, surely he would tell his daddy what I was hiding. After the third bite, my anger subsided and I was in chocolate heaven. It is so rich and creamy! This 6" cake weighs in at 2.5 pounds. It's dense with chocolate and each bite melts in your mouth. A sliver is all you can handle and it really will serve at least 8-10. I thought surely I would go back for seconds, but one slice was all I could handle today. Don't worry, I will be back for more tomorrow!
 This little cake packs a huge punch of flavor! Intense chocolate flavor will satisfy any craving. The chocolate buttermilk cake is moist and rich. The chocolate cream cheese frosting melts into each layer and the cake is topped with rich chocolate ganache and chocolate curls. Death by chocolate? No. This is way better. And worth every penny. Yes, I will buy one of these masterful creations in the future. My only problem is deciding which. I am thinking about a classic southern favorite. Red Velvet cake, what else? But once you've tried the 6" Prize-Winning Chocolate Layer Cake, it would be hard to pick anything else. If you are not into chocolate, We Take The Cake has plenty of alternatives just for you. These cakes are all they claim to be and more. Much, much more! Visit We Take The Cake and treat yourself, family, and/or friends to some of the greatest cakes around!
To Disclose: This cake was sent in exchange for this review. No monetary compensation received. These are my honest opinions.

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