Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Love Of Scrubs

I love scrubs. When I worked as a nurse, I owned lots of different brands. One thing that I learned was that all scrubs were not created equally. My favorites were the soft cotton scrubs that were as comfortable as a pair of pajamas. You have to be careful though. Some scrubs look like you wore them to bed, even when you didn't. Professional looking scrubs made of stiff fabrics are not always comfortable. They can be scratchy and instead of feeling comfortable on my feet, I dread moving around. When Blue Sky Scrubs contacted me to do this review, I was so happy! I ordered three different bottoms because I usually wear white tees with mine. I ordered the gorgeous gray, black, and navy. The colors are more beautiful (and rich!) in person! When my package arrived, I was pleased to see that everything was packaged inside a lovely white box, complete with logo. Tissue paper protected everything inside! Nice!!! Normally when you order nursing scrubs, they are crammed inside an envelope or box, with packing slips rubbing ink off onto your scrubs before you have a chance to wear them. You also need to wash and iron them before you wear them. Blue Sky Scrubs were packed so neatly that nobody would know (except you) if you wore them straight from the box! They even sent a matching plaid hat, which will be perfect for my husband when he goes through clinicals. I ordered my bottoms big. I like them roomy, and I can wear them just like pajama bottoms if I want. The fabric is crisp, but it is comfortable! And it gets softer with time! These medical scrubs wash well and as long as you remove them from the dryer promptly, no ironing is needed. Which is a good thing because I threw mine out over a year ago! Visit Blue Sky Scrubs and greet your patients in style! They are perfect for doctors, dentists, nurses, and assistants, and techs!

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