Saturday, October 24, 2009

Show Your Love And Hugg-A-Planet!

Have you ever held the world gently in your hands, while admiring the ancient seas and wondrous lands? Have you ever tossed a star back to the sky, while watching your little one wave bye-bye? Or admired the mystical glow of Mars? It's almost better than seeing stars! Have you snuggled with America under your head, while laying peacefully in your bed? I have, and so can you! Let me tell you about it. You'll want Hugg-A-Planet too!The Hugg-A-Planet Product line was aboard the very first Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) rocket to the International Space Station (ISS)! The Sept. 11 launch and Sept. 18th docking was flawless. Hugg-A-Planet's award-winning line is fun and educational. Hugg-A-Planets are for everyone, big and small! They are a great educational resource for teachers, homeschooling families like ours, and for others just for a simple embrace. Hugg-A-Planet® Earth, Hugg-A-Moon™ and Hugg-A-Planet® Mars will circle the Earth for many years to come. They will make a full orbit around the Earth every 90 minutes on the Space Station! They will stay there for as long as the space station remains active, at least till 2016, and will orbit the Earth 5860 times every year! NASA chose the Hugg-A-Planet globes as a space-based teaching tool because of their geographic accuracy and soft construction. They also can be tossed around like a ball or used as a pillow. Over 600 locations are labeled on the Hugg-A-Planet, including the world's smallest nation ( Niue ). And they can be hugged! We received this wonderful trio which included the Earth, Moon, and Mars. Earth features a Velcro pocket which holds the Moon or other treasures! We do not have a traditional globe in the house. If you are looking for an inexpensive substitute, this is it! This plush, detailed Earth will work well in our homeschooling adventures! The Moon quickly became a favorite of Sam, my youngest. He immediately picked it up an ran, tucking it under his arm to stake his claim! I have used the Earth as a pillow and I have been unable to flatten it out. I could not believe the detailed markings on the Moon and Mars. All areas are labelled, so you know exactly what you are looking at. I am impressed. The next time I grab my telescope and head outdoors, I will be taking my little Moon with me! Visit and Hugg-A-Planet soon!

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