Thursday, October 22, 2009

The King And I!

I've been naughty. Really, really naughty. I have been cheating on my husband with chocolate! Why is that such a big deal? Because we (yes, WE) are on a diet. A very strict diet. But while my man's away, the kiddies will play. I never said I was a grown up! Logan is my little budding baker and I can never refuse him when he wants to mix something up, or in our case, stir up some trouble for me! King Arthur Flour was to blame. My little boy looked at that bag of Brownie Mix with puppy dog eyes, pleading with me to give in. Throwing in the towel, at least temporarily, I laid out our ingredients and began to measure. Ordinary Brownie Mixes are a one box-one pan wonder. Not King Arthur Flour! This Basic Brownie Mix resembles a sack of flour. Only we know it is filled with cocoa delight! Each bag is enough to make several delicious batches! We tasted them right out of the oven. They were moist and simple. The flavor was rich and it satisfied my intense chocolate cravings. For the moment at least! After baking my first batch of brownies, I began to think up other variations. I mean, If I am going to cheat, I might as well go all the way. Guilty is guilty if you ask me. So I searched my bare pantry and found a typical yellow cake mix. I baked it straight away. Next, I heated up some butter and milk, and I added the brownie mix, stirring over a gentle flame until slightly thickened. When hot and bubbly, I poured it over my cooled cake and about thirty minutes later, I sat it in the fridge! When my parents made it home, I took the evidence to their house, where I cut generous slices and heated them until the "frosting" was warm. Ohhh, so good! Similar to hot fudge cake, but it's also great cold! A few weeks later, I made another batch of brownies. Before popping the pan in the oven, I covered the top with walnuts, gently pushing some of them down into the batter. After baking, I cut the brownies and sprinkled them with vanilla sugar and I drizzled fudge sauce all over the top. These brownies were even better!

King Arthur Flour also sent an amazing Cookie Press with frosting tips! I love making cakes and I love making homemade buttercream frosting. I hate those irritating pastry bags and little tips that never seem to go on just right. Problem solved. Simply load your barrel and screw on the tip you wish to use. Pull the trigger and decorating has never been easier! You can use this to frost cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and more! Fill pastries with ease. Seriously, if you haven't used one and you like to bake, you are missing out. But this clever little gadget does so much more! Make gorgeous spritz cookies with ease. Fun tips allow you to create beautiful designs. Plus, it all arrives in a case for easy storage! When was the last time you spent an afternoon with the King? Visit King Arthur Flour and pencil yourself in. Better hurry, I might not let him go next time!
To disclose, this is not a paid review. I was sent a cookie press and Basic Brownie Mix for this review, and my opinion!

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