Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Next To Breast, Enfamil Is Best!

Breast is best, but when you can't, there's Enfamil. My oldest grew up on Enfamil. I didn't even try to breastfeed back then. It was more than a little intimidating. Enfamil earned my trust long ago when I decided to use it exclusively. They stay up-to-date on research and develop the best formulas based on that knowledge, always ahead of the competition. When Logan used Enfamil, I was excited to give him infant formula with DHA and ARA. Now, that's old news. Everyone has followed in their footsteps and it's almost impossible to find a formula without it. Enfamil offers other healthy formulas and even a great bedtime formula! Enfamil Restfull is designed to help babies feel full longer. The formula thickens gently in your baby's tummy. I remember eventually giving in to my mom and grandmother and adding a little cereal to Logan's bottle. I waited four months, but eventually gave in to the peer pressure. Instead of giving your baby cereal in their bottle (long before your pediatrician tells you to) give Restfull and you and your baby can sleep a little longer. Did you know that Enfamil isn't just for babies? They have supplements for toddlers and moms! See for yourself at!
To disclose, I was under no obligation to complete this review. I received 2 cans of formula in a Swag Bag, but a review was not required.

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