Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm Seeing Things Differently

Have you ever bought eyeglasses online? I have heard about people doing it, but I wasn't too sure about it. When I was given the opportunity to review a pair of prescription eyeglasses in exchange for this review, I was excited to see how it all worked. It would give me the chance to see if it was really worth it. Usually, you get what you pay for. These deep discounts scared me a little, to be completely honest.
Since I had recently bought two pair from my eye doctor (and I spent almost $200 after insurance paid!) I asked my brother to join in! My brother had his annual eye exam and brought home a copy of his prescription. We visited and began browsing their extensive selection! This was the easy part. You can browse by material, gender, style (rimless, classic, retro, ect) or bifocal or single vision. My brother had an idea of what he wanted. His last frames were a little too small for his face. Because of this, the lens did not completely cover his eyes. This can be dangerous when you have poor vision!
We searched until he finally settled on Water, a smart looking frame that appeared to fit all of my brother's needs. Polished lens edges and titanium frames. They were a steal at only $75, including lens! If that price is too steep for you, never fear. has something for every budget! You can pick up a pair for around $25!!! That's almost too good to be true! Water eyeglass frames are simple, full rimmed titanium frames with a square lens great for every day wear! Once you click on your desired frame, you can add all the details, including your prescription information, to the bottom of the page!

The glasses were shipped with care and they arrived in a very nice case and included cleaning cloth. They fit my brother almost perfectly. He had to make a very slight adjustment to the nose piece. I was surprised. Normally when I am fitted for glasses, the techs can spend half an hour fidgeting with my classes trying to get them right. is no nonsense. Just the way I like it. My brother loves his new glasses and if he didn't, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. He has worn them often since he received them and has no complaints. Visit after your next eye exam. All you need is a prescription. You'll save even more when you use coupon code MOMMY5 at checkout!!! Yes, you get what you pay for. Only this time, I am not paying for techs who spend half an hour on adjustments, or a fancy, air conditioned building filled with display cases and mirrors. I call it like I see it.

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Kidazy said...

Isn't it funny how nervous we get when things are cheap and we're not paying $150 for a pair of glasses? I recently bought 2 pairs online from Zenni Optical ($8 each) and to say I was nervous was a major understatement. In all actuality they turned out perfectly, it took two weeks but when they arrived I was shocked at the quality being so good for just $8!!!