Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shopping For School Supplies

Even though we homeschool, and most of our supplies arrive with our curriculum, I like to pick up a few extra things to make school fun. Usually, I buy a big box of crayons, plenty of construction paper, paints, paper rolls, and all the chalk, pencils, and other supplies that we will use for the entire year. This year, I searched for the best selection and the greatest prices and I found K-12 School Supplies.
K-12 School Supplies has everything! I was in awe of the extensive selection of products. I had no problem looking up exactly what I needed. Their site is easy to use! My wish list went through a dramatic cut. I wanted to spend so much more than I did! I actually had fun shopping for our school supplies! K-12 School Supplies did not request this review, nor did I receive any product for free. I was so happy with the service that I requested permission to post about their site!
One of the items (my teacher's planning book) that I ordered was back ordered. I received prompt notification and was assured that my product would ship soon, on a specific date. I decided to alter my order and I took advantage of the fact that it had not shipped. I spoke with Heidi and she went out of her way to make sure I was completely satisfied. I took a lot of her time, trying to make my final decisions. She was so helpful, and I could almost see a smile on her face. I will definitely order from them again soon. They have some great Spanish Workbooks for younger kids and I think their educational coloring books would be fun!!! Take advantage of free shipping and avoid the crowds!

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