Monday, August 31, 2009

We Are Taking A Closer Look, Thanks To The Microscope Depot!

I remember my very first microscope. Taking it from the box, I was overjoyed that I had been given such an amazing gift, and the opportunity to see things on an entirely different level. Preparing those first slides, that Christmas long ago, I uncovered a fascinating new world. When I decided to search for the highest quality back-to-school products that I could find, one of the first products that came to mind was a microscope.
If you are looking for a microscope that will carry your child from grade school and into college, you should definitely check out the The Microscope Depot. I am not an expert on microscopes, but I do know that quality is important. Knowledgeable online support is also the key to making the best purchase for your needs. We received the O Series Microscope with optional mechanical stage, accessory kit, and a beginner's set of prepared slides in exchange for this review. When I discovered The Microscope Depot, I was pleased with the selection of microscopes. They offer an entry level M Series that will prove itself superior to other beginner microscopes. For $30 more, pick up the O Series, which offers larger DIN compatible objectives. Any DIN objective from another microscope can be used with it. Best of all, it has fine focus where the M does not. This makes it much easier to keep a specimen in focus at the 400x level where most viewing is done. The O Series features:
Real optical glass lenses
Magnification from 40X to 400X
Coaxial fine and coarse focusing
Graduated Mechanical Stage (model O-01217)
10X Widefield eyepiece with pointer
Three DIN objectives: 4X, 10X, 40XR
45 inclined Monocular head, 360 degrees rotatable
Rotatable nosepiece with positive click stops
4 1/2" x 4 1/2" (110 x 120 mm) metal stage with clips
5 hole disc diaphragm
Built-in illuminator base with either 115V 20W tungsten, LED rechargeable, or 115V Fluorescent lamp!
UL approved 3 wire power cord
All metal frame with durable enamel finish
Vinyl dust cover and replacement bulb.
Optional Microscope Carrying Case
Five year limited warranty
Overall size: 5" x 7" x 12 1/2": 4 ½ lbs.
The microscope is very sturdy and I found it very easy to use. Plugging it in to a standard outlet, I placed one of the prepared slides on the stage. This was my first experience with a mechanical stage and I think it is a wonderful feature! I was able to move the slide smoothly with the turn of a knob. Without it, your specimen can dart out of view, which is very aggravating when you are viewing a specimen under higher magnification. I also loved the pointer. It is essential when you are teaching! While I was looking at a specimen, I was able to point to a section and teach my six year old what he was looking at, while he was peering through the microscope for the first time. Without it, he might have been completely lost. The experience for him was very rewarding. The look in his eyes was priceless. With my first microscope, one of my complaints was the lack of adequate light. The O Series Fluorescent bulb remained cool and provided more than enough illumination. Very impressive. The optional accessory kit includes:
12 plain slides
2 Concavity slides
Cover glass
Plastic dropper
Plastic slide storage box
Directions and helpful hints
We also received "ADVENTURES WITH A MICROSCOPE." This book was a helpful companion and I recommend it to homeschooling families and also anyone starting out. I did skip over a few pages (some parts are a little slow and VERY detailed) but overall it is a great source of knowledge. It provides detailed instructions for many microscope adventures, and I had fun following the suggestions. It is a great introduction to the microscopic world and I enjoyed looking over the pages!
The Microscope Depot offers a variety of microscope bundles to fit your budget. Go all out and include a digital camera, and upload images to your computer. The O Series with many lab quality features is a perfect choice for homeschooling families and it is built to last. The O Series would make a perfect birthday, graduation, or Christmas/Holiday gift! Give a gift that makes a lasting impression. Inspire your loved ones to discover life on a microscopic level and visit The Microscope Depot.

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