Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Write On Wipe Off

Recently, I stumbled across a pretty neat idea. Student Response Boards from Dry Erase, The Markerboard People, are one way to get more participation from a class full of students! They are ideal for quizzes and day-to-day activities. Before I came across their site, I thought dry erase boards were all the same. Blank, white boards. When I discovered the variety of boards from Dry Erase, I was stunned! This would be great for homeschool families too!
Maps, graphs, addition and subtraction. Storyboards, the human body, and even the periodic table! Those are a few of the Next Generation Boards that I was recently sent to try out and review. The graphics are guaranteed to be permanent, and your board will never stain, even if you use the wrong marker!
Markerboards are cleaner than chalkboards because less dust is created. The markers are of the highest quality and have been known to last up to two years with daily use. Erasers are made from recycled felt and wood and they fit comfortably in your hand. When we tested our boards, we used regular markers by Crayola and the included dry erase markers. We wrote and scribbled, left the writing on for days. When we wiped off the marks, they were removed without a trace! I love the variety of the graphics and I love that all boards are lead free and made in the USA! The Blank Boards also make wonderful message centers for any busy family! Check them out!

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