Friday, August 21, 2009

Thumb Wars..The Ugly Ending!

Since this is the back to school series, I am trying really hard to stay on track. This evening, I educated my oldest in the art of colorful language. Words he should never repeat. It happened so quickly. My husband was coming home in a couple of hours. I felt guilty because I really haven't cooked a "meal" in over a week. I'm not great in the kitchen and a few days ago, I started a fire! I do fine with baking, it's the big stuff that causes problems! I wanted to go all out and make this meal special. Since my husband had a rough day, I opted for good old fashioned comfort food. Chicken and Dumplings and all the extras that go along with it! Everything was going well until I picked up a knife and decided to use it. This is where it all begins. My knife in one corner taking on my thumb, the unsuspecting challenger! As soon as I picked up that knife, I sliced my thumb. Not a scratch, I cut INTO my thumb with most of the blade! Blood began to pour and I grabbed a towel to hold pressure. The words flew from my mouth unexpectedly. I rushed Logan and Sam into his room and I turned the stove off and ran outside to finish my rant. Peeling the soaked towel off, I noticed that around the blood, there was "meat" hanging out of the cut. This is where I start to feel sick. I can handle sights like that on other people, just not me! I called my husband at work while I tried to dress and brush a little powder on my face. I even finished dinner, picking up the same stupid knife and slicing into my other thumb. That's it! I am finished. No more knives for me. I wonder how much damage I could do with a butter knife? Hmmm, maybe I don't need to try that either. When my husband arrives, he thinks I need to go to the Emergency Room. I am really starting to get scared now. I hate those places! And I am a big baby when I am injured, I knew if I was going to get stitches and a shot, I would embarrass myself and my husband, who works in the Emergency Room. My wonderful husband called a very special doctor to take a peek at me outside. I could use stitches, but it should heal up without them. It took over two hours for the bleeding to stop. After a prescription for pain meds and antibiotics, I am feeling good. And I may be feeling even better tomorrow! My thumb is wrapped up in a bulky dressing and typing one handed is proving to be a difficult task. My husband may be taking tomorrow off to help me take care of the kids, and maybe hide the knives. He doesn't have to worry about me picking one up anytime soon. Tomorrow should be fun. My thumb is throbbing and it may only get worse. Every time I put pressure on my thumb it opens up. Changing Sam would be a challenge for sure! And this medication I'm taking should make for some interesting reading and posting!

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