Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Real Board Of Education!

When I was a child, I loved chalkboards! Apparently, many children do. They are now made as accessories for playground equipment and they are sold as doodle pads to keep children entertained when they go out! Worthington Direct sent a Porcelain Steel Black Chalkboard by Best-Rite in exchange for this review and my recommendation. After trying it out, I really loved the board. It's so different from the chalkboard I had growing up. I removed the protective plastic sheet that covered the board. After installing the cork and map rail at the top of the board, I was ready to try it out. I used a dustless chalk and scribbled away. The Porcelain Steel Chalkboard by Best-Rite features a new black P3 ceramic steel surface chalkboard that enhances coverage, color contrast and erasability vastly improving the visibility of written material. And it's no joke, chalks really do stand out, even the pale colors that seem to fade out on other boards. The glass hard vitrified porcelain is colorfast and will not fade over time. You will have a crisp black surface for the life of the board. The porcelain surface can be easily cleaned and crayons and foreign substances may be easily removed with scouring powder and water. It is a magnetic board, and it may be used as magnetic bulletin board. It features a factory framed wood trim or anodized aluminum trim. I like the full length rounded -end chalk tray for safety. This board boasts a lifetime performance with a 50 year guarantee! I also found a great organizing system that's great for classrooms and perfect for home! Made from 100% recycled wood fiber, it features cubbies with or without trays. I like it for art supplies and crafting, but I know it would also be great for organizing a child's toys and clothes! Check it out! Worthington Direct is a great site if you are looking for furniture for the classroom, church, school, or home!

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