Saturday, August 22, 2009

The World Is In Your Hands

Recently, I found one of the coolest products ever made! Orbis World Globes is the original creator of photorealistic EarthBalls and giant World Globes. We received a small EarthBall in exchange for this review. Our 16 inch EarthBall was the size of a medium beach ball. It arrives flat, and after blowing it up it was really impressive! It features the latest generation of NASA satellite imagery, with gorgeous colors and beautiful swirling clouds. EarthBalls are the most visually authentic world globes available anywhere in the world. The ball is made of phthalate-free PVC. The EarthBall is not perfectly smooth. It is made of wedges which are fused together. They are well built, and after rough play between my two boys (and myself) I am happy to say that they are still in perfect condition. The colors are stunning and it's nice to see the world from this perspective. Since Logan will be learning more about space this year, this is an ideal learning tool and he will have fun using it. Each EarthBall displays 'NightGlow Cities', which allow you to see the world's cities glowing brightly at night. The "night glow" is slightly rough to touch and I was initially worried that it would rub off over time. It seems to be holding up well. I have washed the ball several times (to test it out!) and it has been used quite a bit. Even with Logan leaning back against it and sitting on it a time or two, the ball has impressed me with it's strength. The NightGlow Cities are a sight to see! It is my favorite feature and I love pointing out the different cities to my children at night. The EarthBall is more challenging than an ordinary globe since nothing is marked. But that's a plus in my book! Every EarthBall comes with the 20 page Global Handbook, chock full of games, activities & informational resources for Earth adventurers of all ages. EarthBall has been fun to have around and considering how well it's made, I think it will be around for quite a while! Check them out! They also offer a massive 1 meter diameter EarthBall! EarthBalls are permanent fixtures at some of the worlds greatest destinations. Orbis also offers custom built giant World Globes! These World Globes are permanent fixtures at some of the worlds greatest destinations. Museums, NASA, libraries and more! With EarthBall, the world is in your hands!

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