Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's Pumpkin Season!

It's pumpkin season in July! At Hand Picked Pumpkin, the pickings are never slim. You can customize your order and have fun at the same time! Anything is possible in this ultimate pumpkin patch!
I was given the opportunity to create a masterpiece for my little one. I picked my favorite design. It's perfect for hot and humid weather. The Overall Short looked roomy and comfortable. I played with fabric options and colors until I added the perfect finishing touches. I was able to choose size, main color, two accents and snap color. I was able to go back and change things around if I was not pleased without any hassle. A click of the mouse was all it took.
When shopping at department stores, if you find a design that you really like, you're usually limited to one color option. At Hand Picked Pumpkin, you can buy several of the same design and use multiple colors and prints! I had a wonderful time trying out different combinations. The color options are great and I really love the print options. The fabrics are soft and high quality. After several washes, our Overall Short is softer, and it has held up well. All the fabric and seams have remained in perfect condition. The colors remain bold and bright!
It's easy to mix and match tops and bottoms. Create several tops for each pair of comfy bottoms. Really expand your child's wardrobe options. These sets would make a thoughtful gift. Hand Picked Pumpkin is an addiction. Now, how do I plant a few "pumpkin seeds" that will grow into lounge sets and Pjs for mommy? Visit Hand Picked Pumpkin and check out their wonderful designs! I loved the Overall Short, adorable Hoodie, Crew Playsuit, and the Shirt Dress. With so many options, it may be difficult to hand pick just one!

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