Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sleep Is For The Weak!

You know that term, sleep like a baby? You've probably heard it your whole life. Before you become a parent, that term means something sweet. You envision a cute little baby that looks up at you with smiling eyes as you lay him down for a nap. A nap this baby wants! Before children, you fail to realize that minutes before, that baby was screaming it's head off and crying. That is not a smiling gaze either, that baby is overly tired and those eyes are red rimmed and glassy. What they should say is sleep like a teenager. After they go to sleep, they are down for the count. Sometimes they're out until noon. Babies wake every 2-3 hours. And that's if you're lucky. I found a fitting snapsuit for my little wild one. I only wish that I had it 6 months ago! Sleep is for the weak by Snugfits. He hated sleeping as much as he hated a pacifier. This cute little onesie would have given me more reason to smile through my tears. It is available in sizes 3-6 through 6-12 months. Constructed from 5.8 ounce super soft 1x1 baby rib knit featuring plush 100% single combed ring-spun cotton, it's soft and cozy and it fits well! Great elasticity allows free movement for active babies and toddlers on the go! Snugfits has a large collection of snapsuits and tees that will bring a smile to your face! I love the recovering colic and you wake me you take me tees! It's hard to pick a favorite when you have so many choices! Check them out and enter code "2gerberbabies" at checkout to save an extra 10%!

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