Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Natural Creation. A Little Happiness In A Bottle!

Oh Canada! My love for you grows stronger with each passing day. Thanks to Natural Creation and their delightful products that will put a smile on any mother's tired and weary face. I've recently had the opportunity to try a product that I might keep for myself! A Sweet Baby Massage and Bath Oil so pampering, your skin will glow! Used on babies, this apricot kernel oil base is gentle and will nourish their skin. The oil is a soothing blend of essential oils that have been known to ease colic when massaged gently over the abdomen, and toothache when added to a relaxing bath. The oil has a wonderful natural fragrance that makes you want to breathe deeply and capture the scent, an take it with you throughout the day.

I tried out this wonderful oil on my teething baby. I added a small dose to his bath one evening. For the past two weeks, he has been a little grumpy at night, chewing his blanket to bring some comfort to his aching gums. While I cannot say that this product performs miracles, my little guy was calmer and he drifted off to sleep without any apparent agony. It probably didn't hurt that I used a wee bit more to give him a nice rub down after his bath. Needless to say, my baby was happy and I was happy. And I had the added bonus of smelling the delightful fragrance the rest of the evening!

Natural Creation was created by a doula and mom in beautiful Victoria BC. All products are handmade with love in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. At Natural Creation, they believe that during this natural process it is important to embrace nature's wisdom. All of their aromatherapy products are carefully made from 100% pure herbs, base oils and essential oils; free of synthetic perfumes, colours, and preservatives. All of their sewn products (check out their slings!) are lovingly made with organic cotton and organic hemp. Natural Creation offers products suitable for each stage of the childbearing year, and some that can be used throughout - and ever after! All of their delightful products are clearly marked as to which stages they are recommended for. You can't buy love, but I believe you can buy happiness! Well, sometimes at least! Check out their site, or visit their Etsy store!

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