Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Take A Step Back In Time With This Father's Day Gift!

Things are so simple now compared to the way things were decades ago. I personally feel that each of us loses a little something when we use more convenient methods of completing some of our tasks. Store bought bread has nothing on homemade, making memories in the kitchen by creating meals from scratch has been replaced by frozen foods and take-out. This Father's Day, take a step back in time and order a shave set from skinnyskinny! We received a beautiful shave set and their popular "shave soap", which is an incredible blend of organic basil and mint! Organic Basil & Mint Soap is phenomenal. It's a long lasting bar that is great for shaving. It's not limited to a shave. Use it all over your body! It lathers well and the smell is amazing. It refreshes your skin with Tea Tree Oil and Aloe. The soap arrives beautifully gift wrapped in unique environmentally-friendly papers. The Shave Set comes with a chrome stand and a wood handled shave brush. The shaving brush was made by renowned Muhle-Pinsel, maker of fine brushes for more than 150 years! The bristles are top quality. The olive wood handle has a warm, natural finish. If you are curious about the benefits of using a shave brush, click here! Shaving sets are not only for men! Women can enjoy the benefits too! This soothing routine works wonders on legs! Right now, you will save an additional 30% on the shaving set! If you are looking for a custom gift set, let skinnyskinny put one together for you! Visit skinnyskinny and check out their other great products too! I hear several soaps and bath salts calling my name!

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