Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Otto Grows Down

I love books. I really love books that teach values and help children cope with life changes. My little boy turns six tomorrow, and our baby recently turned one. Otto Grows Down by Michael Sussman is a story that my oldest can relate to. The hardcover book is beautifully illustrated by Scott Magoon. I laughed as I read this clever story to my son. He enjoyed the tale and it has earned a special place beside his bed. That's our special spot for favored night time stories! Otto is a little boy that makes a wish on his sixth birthday. With a new baby in the house, his world has turned upside down. “I WISH ANNA HAD NEVER BEEN BORN!” This wish changes his life and instead of moving forward, he moves back through time. Everything happens in reverse, which is a little funny when he visits the barber and goes to the bathroom. I know, gross. But my child was very amused. Otto continues to grow down and it isn't long before he realizes his mistake and he tries to correct it. This sweet book will show big brothers and sisters that their job may not be easy, but it's definitely rewarding. Pick up Otto Grows Down at Amazon and watch for more children's tales from Michael Sussman!

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