Friday, April 10, 2009

Gumdrop Cookie Shop!

Cookie lovers, check out the Gumdrop Cookie Shop! They make delicious couture cookies perfect for any occasion. These sugar cookies can be customized for birthdays and showers, reunions and anniversaries too. Add your favorite photo for one-of-a-kind treats! They even have a kid's shop! My favorite's, the van gogh gumdrops allow kids to create their own design! The set includes sugar cookies and markers with edible ink. They are perfect for birthday parties or even holidays when you need an activity to keep children happily entertained! The sky is the limit at Gumdrop Cookie Shop! The cookies ship well, arriving in perfect condition for your next gathering! The rich, buttery sugar cookie melts in your mouth and the icing adds a hint of extra sweetness. They use real butter and real vanilla! You can taste the difference! Order yours today! Perfect for Mother's Day too!

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