Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Parents Need A Time Out Too!

There's nothing like a Warm Whiskers Body Wrap to chase away those little aches and pains. It doesn't matter if they're from toting tots or groceries, painting the nursery or the house, this generous wrap will soothe your body. After less than two minutes in your microwave, this plush heating pad will cradle your body in gentle warmth and calming, herbal aroma for about an hour. The Body Wraps work wonders on sore shoulders, neck, upper pectoral region, arms and hands, back, lap, and legs and are excellent foot warmers. The warmth from these wraps improves circulation for those with back spasms and aids in assuaging abdominal cramps, making these body pillows useful in everything from sports injury and menstrual cramp relief to disease-related musculoskeletal and arthritis pain relief. The buckwheat and lavender are evenly distributed to deliver consistent coverage. The pads are not heavy and bulky and it's easy to put it exactly where you need it. Visit www.warmwhiskers.com and see their entire collection of feel good products. You can find an assortment of neck wraps, eye pillows, body pillows. slippers and more. Each one as soothing as the next. They make a perfect gift, if you can bring yourself to part with them!

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Anonymous said...

Wow~ What a great idea!! I Love It!!