Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Parent Trip

As I read through the pages of The Parent Trip: From high heels and parties to highchairs and potties, I often checked the front cover to make sure my name wasn't on it somewhere. She knew exactly what I was thinking when I was single and surrounded by expecting moms. Always uncomfortable and never saying what I thought. That would be mean! I was with her years later in that waiting room surrounded by expecting moms! The jealousy that came afterwards was very real and sudden. She tells it like it is, one girlfriend to another. She takes you on an incredible journey through parenthood. Her bold humor, going at times where no mom has gone before, or at least on paper, will leave you in stitches. Each day that I read, I was left wanting more. Her humor is addictive and I am now at a loss since I've finished her book. I guess I'll have to start over. Her book is a funny, yet intimate look at parenthood. This must read is perfect for moms-to-be and moms. Women considering diving into parenthood will appreciate Jenna's honesty and tell-all attitude. Visit Amazon.com to purchase! You'll be glad you did

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