Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Beautiful People's Beautiful Collection!

I love a gorgeous bag, but they are not always easy to find. A woman's handbag is the ultimate accessory, so choose wisely. You need a handbag that compliments your wardrobe, but also compliments you and your specific needs. The classic bags by Beautiful People have timeless appeal. The sultry leather adds a wow factor unrivaled by most comparables. They are available in a beautiful variety of neutral and spring colors! "Multitasking Maria" is a gorgeous distressed, calfskin leather shoulder bag that commands attention. It features two large compartments that close with magnetic closures. There are two pockets in the front that are perfect for a water or baby bottle. It is after all "Multitasking Maria" so it doubles beautifully as a diaper/baby bag or a laptop bag! The interior is lined with beautiful soft cotton. The gold tone hardware compliments the bag and adds a touch of glitz. The straps are comfortable and will not slip. This bag won't let you down. When you place it on a counter or table, it will not fall over to spill your little secrets. This bag is perfect for those on the go who prefer a lot of room. "Multitasking Maria" is 11.8” x 15.7” x 4.7 “ with a dandle drop of 9.8". Visit and check out their "Capulet" Spring 2009 Collection. With stylish bags including my favorites, the "Grown-up Yone" and "Lazy Yone", it will be time well spent!

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