Monday, March 2, 2009

Not Just For Kids!

I know in a few months, my youngest will begin potty training. Instead of having his own special potty chair, he will use a standard "potty" just like the rest of us. The Shandle is a wonderful way to protect my family. It's basically a handle that extends from the seat, so you don't have to touch the seat with your hands. The Shandle not only encourages proper manners like putting the seat up and back down, flushing when finished, and proper hand washing every time, it is made with natural silver particles. The particles prevent the growth of bacteria on the Shandle's surface. The Shandle’s cute characters make kids more comfortable with potty training, making your job a little easier! From "Dancin'Chicken" to "When Pigs Fly", one side reminds your little one (or husband) to put the seat up, the reverse reminds to put the seat down! There is a huge variety of options, including mom and dad friendly options too! Installation is easy! A powerful adhesive ensures the Shandle will remain in place until you decide to remove it. The Shandle arrives in a unique gift box! Visit to order! Use discount code JFK25 before 3/11/09 to save 25% at checkout!

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