Friday, February 6, 2009

Coloring The World Brighter With Color Me!

Give a child a crayon and let the creativity flow. If you haven't heard of ColorMe™ Company, you should stop by and visit. The company founder, Paul Marciano, "gave his goddaughter a Christmas card. It was a nice card, except that it did not hold much meaning for a young girl. So she decorated it with crayons and proudly showed him the personal touch she added. Paul realized right then and there that signing a store-bought card with sentiments written by a stranger paled in comparison with creating a unique greeting card. Thus, the idea for Coloring Card Company was born: Giving and receiving greeting cards should be a fun, creative, and a meaningful experience for both children and adults." Your children can demonstrate artistic talent on more than just cards. ColorMe has expanded to include pillowcases, travel pillowcases, T-shirts, and more. Each product is 100% pure cotton and features a drawing that your child will enjoy coloring. Each finished product will be unique, your child's very own masterpiece! We had fun with their USA Map Pillowcase. The kit included a standard size pillowcase with colorable design plus 3 matching postcards, crayons, fabric markers, and directions for setting color! Slumber Party Kits are also available and they make the perfect activity for a group of four!

At their company’s core is the simple belief that “giving is good.” Ten percent of their gross proceeds are donated to children’s charities through their unique Charity Choice Program. As products are placed into the Shopping Cart, you select from a menu of charitable categories. The funds are then distributed on a quarterly basis to national organizations within those categories. For some products, the 10% donation is automatically assigned to a carefully chosen charity. For example, 10% of the purchase price of all Hero Heart Cards is automatically donated to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Fund. Save 20% when you use the discount code colormelovesmoms at checkout! Visit to purchase, and help them reach their goal of a million dollars!

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