Friday, February 6, 2009

Sonicare Flexcare

Sonicare Flexcare electric toothbrush uses the newly designed ProResults brush heads with increased tooth coverage and a broader sweeping motion that results in better plaque removal. The ProResults brush heads come in two sizes. The "standard" is designed for regular cleaning, and the "mini" is for precision in hard-to-reach areas. The toothbrush handle has a new tapered design that is easier to grip, plus it has a non-slip soft grip for better control. Compared to the Sonicare Elite, the FlexCare is 30 percent smaller, 16 percent lighter, and has 80 percent less vibration, and the results are superior. The FlexCare offers maximum flexibility with your teeth cleaning and there are three two-minute brushing modes that offer "Clean" mode for full power and optimal cleaning, "Sensitive" mode for gentler brushing in sensitive areas, and "Massage" mode for a stimulating, soothing cleaning action. The FlexCare also offers two routines. The "GoCare" is a quick one-minute routine for between regular brushings. Or choose "MaxCare" which is a three-minute cleaning mode that combines two minutes of "Clean" mode with one minute of "Massage" mode. The specially engineered UV sanitizer helps to eliminate harmful bacteria commonly found on your toothbrush. After you brush, simply place the brush head in the FlexCare sanitizing unit. With a single push of a button, your brush will be clean down to the bristles. The Sonicare Toothbrush includes two ProResults brush heads (Compact and Standard), UV Sanitizer with integrated charger, cord wrap, and brush head storage, travel charger, two hygenic travel caps, a luxury soft travel case and three additional color code rings. *Kills up to 99 percent of E. Coli and Streptococcus Mutans! Enjoy cleaner teeth and healthier gums!

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