Sunday, February 8, 2009

Is Your Baby Nurtured By Nature?

Wrap your bundle of joy in luxurious natural fibers. Nurtured by Nature uses the finest wool in the world, offering a stunning Merino range including rompers, snuggle suits, dresses, cardigans, double breasted jackets and pantalons. Being a natural, breathable fiber it does not trap bacteria. Merino also resists static electricity build up, unlike synthetics. Forget those ancient sweaters that your mother made you wear. Merino is comfortable and soft, never itchy. The superfine and fine micron- counts ensure absolute softness and the ultimate in wearing comfort. Merino fiber's natural composition and complexity allows easy adaptation to the body's temperature in changing conditions, enabling your child to retain the optimum safe temperature in hot or cold environments. Merino is naturally fire retardant, without the use of harmful chemicals. Merino sleepers and wraps make beautiful keepsakes. The perfect gift for expectant parents, or for your own long awaited joy. A summer range is available in 100% pure natural cotton. "The Cocoon Cotton range immediately evokes an impression of care and love, constructed and presented in a manner that belongs to an era when we all had more time to spare in a world where children could be children, where mountain streams were as fresh and clean as the air breathed. These garments are definitely not part of the 'mass produced' world." The focus is on their attention to detail and quality. The collection is fully-fashioned with the same attention to detail as their wonderful Merino range!

Nurtured By Nature also offers a collection of pure cotton garments knitted individually on hand knitting machines. Bud Cotton has a completely different handle and look that will compliment the existing ranges. The Bud Cotton range uses naturally grown cotton manufactured under the Oeko-tex 100 standard with the appearance and softness of hand knitted garments. Pure cotton natural underwear for that extra special something. Two styles to wear comfortably under all the Nurtured by Nature ranges, for Mums who want a total package, inside and out! Button under body suit and snug tee shirt means no wrinkles or rising up around babies tummies for ultimate luxury and comfort. Luxurious garments branded with the Nurtured by Nature seal of approval.

Visit and treat your baby to the finest fibers in the world. The highly treasured New Zealand wool is an affordable luxury that will nurture your baby from the start. A sensory delight to the baby that wears it, and the lucky parents that hold it. Merino is so soft and irresistible. One touch is all it takes to understand why!

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