Saturday, November 15, 2008

You Can "Be Silky" With VB Cosmetics!

I have two kids, a husband, a home, and a dog. I don't have time for spas and pedicures. I barely have time for myself. I like quick fixes. Products that work. Because I have so little time, I must make the most of it! I recently tried a product that delivers. It does exactly what it's supposed to do! And that makes me happy. Be Silky, by VB Cosmetics. A magic eraser in a bottle, it will help you eliminate those rough calloused areas on your heels and elbows. It does all that while delivering advanced hydration! Be Silky penetrates deeply allowing you to simply file or buff away callus build-up to reveal smoother, healthier skin. First, take a relaxing warm bath. You may want to use this opportunity to indulge in one of their bath gels! Take an hour, or if you have kids, take 5 or 10. Every minute helps! After soaking, generously spray Be Silky to calloused skin area only. Keep the nozzle less than 2 inches away. Wear gloves during this process or rinse your hands well after application. Allow to absorb 3 to 5 minutes. Don't let this precious time go to waste! You may want to try one of their wonderful masques! Afterwards, begin filing or buffing away excess callus growth and repeat if necessary. Wash treated areas and other contacted areas with warm water within 10 minutes. Follow up with VB Cosmetics' Heels and Elbows Cream moisturizing daily to assist in preventing callus build-up. Visit to Be Silky! Choose from Callus Spray with Tea Tree Oil or Callus Spray with Lemongrass. Then let the countdown to smoother skin begin!

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