Friday, November 14, 2008

Build Your RIDEZ!

What will Santa be leaving for your kidz under the tree this year? Well, if they're lucky, they will find the coolest wheels around. RIDEMAKERZ RIDEZ! Your kid will be the envy of the block. While other kids are showing off generic remote controlled cars, your kiddo will show up with a mean, dream customized machine. Get ready! Once the paper comes off, it's full throttle!!!
You know Build-A-Bear? Well this is Build-A-RIDEZ! And it's so cool! First, log onto their site to begin the process of customizing your dream machine. Step one, Chooze. Minis, Vipers, Rams and more. Hot Rods, Mustangs, Super Chiefs galore. Each includes a Freewheel Street chassiz, stock treadz & wheelz, working headlights & taillights, and the RZ Mix RIDESOUNDZ™. You will also get to choose an awesome street or monster chassiz Once you pick, move on to step two. Sonicize!

Revved-up music and sound effects! Every car or truck should make a little noise! Only with these, you get to choose. Sirenz, Rockz, Beatz and more. Pick up a few because they can easily be changed. Step three, Motorize. Keep it freewheel, or upgrade to the very cool remote control. I suggest the latter. The controls are easy to use, with two main controls. One for forward and backwards, another for left and right. This operates off a 9 volt battery. And it lasts! Step four, Mobilize! Pick up some amazing rims for your new RIDEZ! Add super cool treadz for one amazing set of tires and then you are ready for step five. Customize!!! Add a power pack. Trust me on this. Your kid will not put this down, and you will go through countless battery changes. Enginez. Twin Turbo, V8, or the mighty Hemi, your kid (or husband) will want one of these. Hood Scoops, front and rear ends, kitz, and decalz, they add to the fun. They simply click into place and your kidz will have the time of their life swapping parts and accessories. Turn any tabletop into a monster garage!

Inspire creativity. This is a project your kidz will actually enjoy! Kidz can build, customize and personalize their very own RIDEZ at home. They can be assembled in minutes with a cool hex wrench tool that looks just like an ignition key, and snap-in, snap-on parts. Each can be taken apart and reconfigured and models can be updated and decals repositioned. Change sounds, tires and chassis.When other kids show up with cars and trucks, your kid will will show up with a one of a kind masterpiece that they put together!!!Check out and begin. Choose a gift card and slip it into their stockings! Throw a bash with RIDEMAKERZ! You can even pick up invitations and thank you cards! Enter the code 93456 at checkout for $10 off a $30 RIDEMAKERZ purchase. This offer expires on January 4th, 2009. Visit RIDEMAKERZ today!

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