Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mixing Things Up With Bosch!

Bosch MIXXO. A cool kitchen gadget that does it all. Well, almost. The Rechargeable Bosch MIXXO™ Immersion Blender will perfectly blend your favorite batter, dressing, sauce, soup or drink right in the container for quick, easy, mess-free results. We use ours for perfect baby food! It's cordless, and that go anywhere convenience is quite appealing! The next time you make up a batch of fresh baby food, forget those portable food mills. Don't drag out those bulky food processors. They are a lot of trouble to clean, compared to the Bosch MIXXO! The MIXXO can handle any job while saving you time. Here's what you get. A sleek base unit, a blender foot, charging station, and a 24 ounce blender jug with lid! The MIXXO features rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, meaning no cords to get in your way. You can also avoid "the cord doesn't reach" problem! Use it right on the stove, or take it outside. There is also a safety button which will prevent junior from playing chef, ultimately saving you a frantic 911 call. The safety button must be pushed before On button to prevent accidental activation. I had no problem remembering to push this button. Once you turn the unit on, you can release the safety button. The charging station sits on the counter or you can easily mount it on the wall. The blender foot, jug and lid are dishwasher safe. Simply wipe the base down after use. It comes with manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty! Start mixing things up in the kitchen with MIXXO!Purchase yours here!

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