Saturday, November 15, 2008

LAF Out Loud!

Attachables. The perfect way to stretch the dollar. You see, with Attachables, you get two shirts. Not just one. Help your infant or toddler dress for unpredictable weather. If they get too hot, simply remove the sleeves! When it's cold, put them back on. It's a brilliant idea. The sleeves attach with Velcro, and only the soft side will touch their skin. Forget buying spring and fall clothes. With Attachables, they can wear the same clothes through the seasons. Mix and match, because the same size sleeves fit the same size, same style shirts! Available in tees and onesies. Use coupon code LAFONBLOGS10 for 10% off at checkout. A portion of all online sales is donated to The Smile Train to help give unfortunate kids their own "Lil Angel Face" and help them "LAF"! Visit to purchase!

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