Monday, November 17, 2008

I Go With One...iGo!

Every time we travel, we take our phones, camera, camcorder, bluetooth, and portable video players. This means I must pack a dedicated bag to hold all the necessary chargers, and this bag usually ends up at my feet because something always seems to be charging. All the cords usually end up a tangled mess and I know I have little time before my kids are older and traveling with mp3s and gaming devices of their own. Thankfully, I have found a sanity saving solution. iGo. Use at home or in the car, it simplifies life. It's a universal charger. You can purchase accessory tips to fit your electronics, and the iGo will replace the headache of keeping up with multiple chargers! The iGo charges your electronics quickly, and the charger is pretty compact. With my other chargers, I have cords everywhere. iGo is available with a Wall (AC) unit, Auto (DC) unit and 5' retractable cord! It also includes a handy travel organizer to keep your accessory tips in one place. Visit and cut your ties! You only need one charger! I go everywhere with iGo! You should too!

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