Monday, November 17, 2008

Give Your Kids A Rainbow! Mary's Softdough!

Get creative with Mary's Softdough by Terrapin Toys! Softdough is a soft, non-crumbly modeling dough that's fun to play with! It holds up well to lots of play and when properly stored in it's container, it will last up to a year. Mary's Softdough is available in classic solid colors and Rainbow tub versions. Softdough also comes in yummy new scented and glitter varieties! A great alternative to playdoh. Also check out their exciting glow in the dark play dough! Softdough will keep your children entertained for hours. It's fun, and moms and dads can play too! Recommended for kids three and up, it's made with flour, water, salt, cream of tartar, soybean oil, food coloring and sodium benzoate (a food preservative. You can also pick up play sets! They make wonderful holiday gifts! Visit to purchase!

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